FSMET Administration Services

Below are the FSMET administration highlights; certain restrictions may apply based on the products administered. FSMET is committed to providing quick, competent, and courteous service.

Program Management

  • Consult on strategy to provide benefits in  accordance with Sheriff’s Office needs

  • Market coverages as needed to provide the best benefits at the best prices

  • Personal service including on-site visits and attendance at enrollment meetings

  • Maintain Healthcare Reform compliance and navigation

  • Provide day-to-day management of operations to administer program

  • Maintain online enrollment software:

    • Reduces time spent on paper enrollment changes for HR

    • Allows employees 24/7 access to benefits information and important documents

    • Accuracy of data due to employees entering their own data

    • Ability for HR to verify and validate information in one location

    • Feeds to payroll for timely and accurate deductions

    • Capture necessary data all stored within the employee record, such as marriage or divorce decrees or birth certificates

  • Maintain electronic eligibility file feeds to carriers

  • Assist Sheriff’s Offices to comply with federal notice and other plan requirements

  • Provide education to Sheriff’s Offices and their employees regarding health care reform, wellness, and many other employee benefits topics through webinars, newsletters, an online Compliance Manual, and other materials


Claims & Risk Management

  • Monitor and analyze claim reports from carriers for various coverages

  • Track potential specific and aggregate claims and file to stop loss carriers on behalf of self funded clients

  • Provide customized reports monthly and a dashboard quarterly

  • Coordinate coverage issues with claims, handling trouble-shooting on behalf of members to the carriers

  • Maintain privacy and security of all data


Financial Management

  • Bill, track, and collect appropriate premiums from participating member offices through consolidated invoices

  • Reconcile and pay appropriate premiums to insurance carriers and program vendors in a timely manner

  • Prepare monthly financial statements for self funded clients

  • Prepare all data and reports for actuarial reserve studies and external financial audits within established timelines


Reinsurance & Other Contracts

  • Contract with carriers on behalf of member Sheriff Offices, negotiating favorable terms

  • Report claims promptly to reinsurers, tracking and collecting reimbursements

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