Online Enrollment

With this single-source web-based solution you can view plans, enroll and make changest to your personal data, all at your convenience - 24/7/365.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Web-Based Convenience

  • Single-Source Solution

  • Enrollment Management

  • Eligibility and Status

  • Privacy and Security

  • Physical Data Protection

  • Password Protection

  • Benefit Communications

  • Payroll Integration

  • COBRA Administration

Enrollment & Eligibility

HR professionals can:

  • View current and historical eligibility and enrollment information

  • Manage and monitor annual, new hire and ongoing enrollment

  • Download invoices

  • Download benefit reports

  • Access real-time data

  • Create and post messages for improved employee communication

  • View their organization's export and payroll dashboards


Employees can:

  • Self enroll and access their current benefits information, including elections and confirmation statements

  • Use self-service tools to review and modify personal information

  • Review, download and print benefit overviews

  • View payroll deductions

  • Print relevant benefit forms

  • Print their current Benefit Summary

  • Submit inquiries to Human Resources in a secure environment


Ensure that your organization's online benefit enrollment, benefit management, and financial data are accessible and accurate in real time, all the time; eliminating 

costly coverage errors and saving HR and employees hours of time, not to mention headaches. Our integrated eligibility verification services provide a comprehensive audit of your total benefits program, including financial data, to help your organization make smart, cost-saving decisions.


Actuarial Services

Let our experts perform an actuarial analysis with our state-of-the-art modeling software.  These tools produce analyses with your data that facilitate major decisions including, but not limited to: moving from fully insured to self-funded, the impact of making plan design changes or adding a high deductible health plan. 


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